Saturday, December 15, 2018
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    eCPD Nigeria

    eCPD Nigeria is an online learning, testing and certification platform that provides a cost-effective and trouble-free alternative for professionals of various disciplines to perform their continuing professional development (CPD).


    etcs to simplifying learning

  • education

    In conjunction with various online content providers and third-party learning institutions, we direct you to accredited sites with relevant learning material.


  • testing

    eCPD Nigeria works with a variety of editors and contributors to develop subject-specific tests and to provide a user-friendly online medium for professional self-testing within the framework of the specified CPD requirements by national regulatory bodies.


  • certification

    We operate in tandem with national regulatory bodies to simplify your annual CPD registration. eCPD Nigeria will provide users with a (print-friendly) online certificate which can be used to validate annual registrations and medical practice renewals.