Sunday, December 16, 2018


 Company Overview

eCPD Nigeria is an online learning, testing and certification platform that provides a cost-effective and trouble-free alternative for professionals of various disciplines to perform their continuing professional development (CPD).


Our Mission

By breaking down typical access barriers to professional development and reducing access costs, we aim to provide a pioneering service to all professional disciplines using an online medium that simplifies continual professional development testing and certification in Nigeria.


Our Vision

To pioneer online and web-based learning, testing and certification services in Nigeria.


Our Goals & Objectives

  •  Act as a medium and forum for online multidisciplinary interaction.
  •  Build and maintain relationships with various educational institutions, professional bodies and certification authorities and transfer the value of these relationships to our users.
  •  Create a variety of multidisciplinary online learning material.
  •  Pioneer a culture of online learning in Nigeria.
  •  Provide speedy access to quality educational content.
  •  Provide an affordable and cost-effective alternative to CPD validation.
  •  Provide a travel and hassle-free online medium for online learning, testing and certification.
  •  Support regulatory bodies in achieving their objectives of ensuring all registered practitioners attain their annual CPD requirements.